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Studio Etiquette




To maintain a positive, clean, and school like environment for learning dance. Through our studio etiquette guidelines, excellent instruction and lesson planning, our dance academy exposes dancers and parents to the industry standards for the classroom and studio environment. Anthem Dance Academy is dedicated to transforming students into stars!


  • Do not enter class until the teacher calls you in. Students will enter quietly, without running.

  • Arriving more than 15 minutes late and leaving early to class is not acceptable.

  • Follow class attire guidelines and dress code. No jewelry besides small stud earrings.

  • Hair must be in a neat bun or ponytail.

  • Take a class with a positive attitude.

  • Listen to every correction and apply it.

  • Project positive body language. Students should take a class with their arms by their side, not crossed or on hips, and maintain eye contact with the Instructor.

  • Sorry is not necessary when a mistake is made in class.

  • Show appreciation to fellow dancers by clapping after every class and by thanking your instructor.

  • Keep your eyes on the instructor and take class quietly.

  • Bring in water to class only. No food is allowed inside the class, only water.

  • Dispose of trash and leave the space as you found it

  • Leaning on barres or walls is disrespectful.

  • Respect all instructors and classmates.

  • Do not be disruptive during class with your classmates.

  • Please be respectful of your instructors and your classmates

  • No running or horseplay in the studio.

  • Try to use the restroom before your class begins.

Parents & Guests

Parents are not allowed into the rooms during class time unless invited in by instructor

Please come inside to pick up / drop off students under 7

Please inform the studio if you will be late to pick up a student so we can plan accordingly.

If the receptionist is out and classes are in progress, young children are allowed to sit in the next class until their parent arrives or in the lobby.

Please do not discuss important information with the instructor immediately after class as they only have a short break before the next class; if you would like to schedule a conference with your child's instructor, please email our office or message your director directly through teacherzone.

Please be respectful to our instructors and office staff, if you do not agree with the way class is being directed, please schedule a conference with our director Lauren Montes. 

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